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Journal Papers
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CFAR Detectors for MIMO Radars November 2013
Unified Optimization Framework for Multi-Static Radar Code Design using Information-Theoretic Criteria August 2013
Theoretical approach for target detection and interference cancellation in passive radars August 2013
Using Omega-K Algorithm for Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Formation Based on Modified Extended Loffeld’s Bistatic Formula August 2013
Exact theoretical performance analysis of optimum detector for statistical MIMO radars January 2012
An Improved Attack on WG Stream Cipher April 2010
A Chaotic Pulse Radar Based On Double Scroll Chaotic Oscillator August 2010
ISAR Image Improvement Using STFT Kernel with Optimization Based on Minimum Entropy Criterion August 2009
Design and Analysis of Fractal Detector for High Resolution Radars June 2009
Steganalysis Method for LSB Replacement Based on Local Gradient of Image Histogram January 2008
Radar Detection Based on Baysian Estimation of Target Amplitude January 2008
Adaptive Radar Detection of Fluctuating Targets in Autoregressive Interference January 2007
LPD Feature Improvement in Random PRF Radar Signals August 2004
The Effect of Code Distribution and Parameters on the LPD Feature of Phase-Code Radar Signals Fall 2002
ALR Detector for Coherent Radar Detection of Rapid Fluctuating Signals January 2000
A New Statistical Test Based on Linear Complexity Profile (LCP) January 1999
”The Linear Complexity of the Universal Logic Sequences January 1995
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Spectrum Analysis of Multiple PRF Radars Based on the Compressive Sensing Method May 2011
Direct Path and Multipath Cancellation in Passive Radars Using Subband Variable Step-Size LMS Algorithm May 2011
Improved Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of 7-Round AES-128 Spring 2010
Generalization of Automatic Censored Mean Level Detector (ACMLD) For MIMO Radars May 2010
ISAR Rotational Motion Compensation Using Entropy Metric Spring 2010
Distinguishing Attack on a Modified Version of MAG Stream Cipher Spring 2009
Improving the Performance of LP Decoders for Cyclic Codes Spring 2009
An improved CFAR detector using wavelet shrinkage in multiple target Environments February 2007
Particle Detection and Its Radar Application Fall 2006
Radar Signal Detection using Wavelet Thresholding Fall 2005
Performance Analysis of Fractal Detector For a General Model of HRR Signals October 2004
Space-Time Block Codes in frequency Selective Channels May 2004
Performance Evaluation of Random PRF Signals in LPD Radars Fall 2000
Optimal Detection of Phase-Code Pulse Compression Signals Fall 1999
Performance Evaluation of the Phase-Coded Signal in LPD Radars Fall 1999
M-Level Real Code Does not Improve the LPD Property of Radar Signals Fall 1999

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